Heart to heart talk

I have never been a mushy person. I mean, I can talk seriously when the situation calls for it, but I’ve never been the type  who goes out of her way giving unsolicited advise; or who forwards sentimental chain letters to unsuspecting friends; or who gushes at babies (unless they’re really, really cute — there ARE such things as UGLY BABIES). I am more of the sarcastic, smart alecky type,  the strong emotions that rip me apart inside rarely manifest themselves when I’m with other people.

This is why I particularly dread our activity for today: going to the cemetery to visit my mother’s grave and then having a serious chat with my father about his impending tie-up with his 22-year old girlfriend. My dad is 56 years old and while I do not begrudge him the need for another woman’s company (since my mother is gone and he has been  very lonely), the circumstances surrounding his relationship with my 22-year old pseudo-wicked stepmother is abnormal, to say the least, and indecent, to say the worst.

So today, my sister and I will (hopefully, if our resolves don’t fail us) be having a long overdue heart-to heart talk with our father. I am hoping for calmness and a sense of empathy from myself. The past two weeks, I was filled with annoyance and disappointment over the whole brouhaha and it’s not doing any good.


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