Arroz ala cubana

I love to cook and this has been one of my better efforts. It’s great to eat arroz ala cubana in the morning. The fried egg smiling up at you makes the start of the day sunnier than it really is.

In this recipe, I used 1/4 kilo each  of ground pork  and ground beef. I like mixing the two up because I like the flavor of beef but having it alone makes the recipe oilier. Saute a head of garlic, 1 onion and 2 medium tomatoes (all of these should should be minced and chopped in small pieces) in olive oil. You can opt not to saute in oil. Instead, you can heat the meat in a little water and then when the fats are starting to separate, you can use some of that to saute. Anyway, if you opted to saute in oil, now mix in the meat and move it around to cook. When it has turned sufficiently brown, remove the excess oil, then add in the carrots. You can also put raisins but my husband is not fond of fruity stuff in our viand so no raisins in this recipe. You can season the dish at this point. I use soy sauce instead of salt, a little crushed black pepper, paprika (be generous here), chili powder, dried oregano. Mix them all. Then pour in the tomato sauce. If it seems  too dry and is in danger of sticking into your pan, you can put some (half a cup will do)  water. But not too much, this dish is not meant to be as soupy as menudo. Simmer for about 15 mins, occassionally stirring. Put it on low fire and heat for around 10 mins more. You can simmer it longer for the flavors to really blend together. Before you turn off the fire, taste it first so if it’s too bland, you can season it accordingly before serving.

Now fry an egg sunny side up, some saba bananans. Get your fried rice, pour a generous portion (just make sure you can eat it) on your plate. Pour some of the steaming tomato-meat mixture, the fried egg on top, the bananas around the rice and voila! Great breakfast. Bon appetit!


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