Luk Foo

What I love about Luk Foo is the dimsum platter. The first Luk Foo that my housemate and I first tried was the one in Puregold Las Pinas. The owners of Luk Foo and Puregold must be the same; I have yet to see a Luk Foo without a Puregold beside it.

The dimsum platter was about 200 pesos and it contained about 6 types of dimsum. The best machang, in our opinion. And a decent beancurd roll. I also loved the spring rolls with taro, very tasty. We were quite ravenous at that time and we were able to finish the whole dimsum platter as well as a noodle dish.

When we chanced upon the newly renovated Puregold in Cubao, we were very excited to see that they have a Luk Foo branch there as well. It is a smaller one than the branch in Las Pinas or the one beside Puregold Araneta/E Rodriguez. Unfortunately, no dimsum platter, to our disappointment. We ordered spareribs with salt and pepper instead, as well as one serving of taro spring roll. The spareribs were pretty good, very tender with no bones. The spring roll was just as I remembered. It certainly is worth trying out again.

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