On Writing

I think that to be a good writer, one has to write everyday and one shouldn’t edit oneself on the first draft. Since I have a humongous amount of time before me, I should  be able to do the first. It’ll take diligence but I will try. The second will be a bit more difficult to carry out. I do censor myself. It’s a knee jerk reaction. I hate being criticized. But that is the price to pay for voicing one’s thoughts which is what writing is  really all about.

I am uploading another picture of a sunset. I took this one in Dapitan and  it is either one of my better photography efforts or just one of the better sunsets I’ve seen. I love to travel but it takes a lot of resources. Money is one, time is another. In the past, I did not have much money and zero time. Now I have a lot of the latter and quite zilch of the former. My biggest dream is to win the lottery without buying a ticket. How realistic is that.

The above entries are the ramblings of one who is bored and frustrated and uncertain of where her career is heading.


It frustrates me that I often have no opinion. And that I choose to be a coward. I have been reckless a very few times in the past. But it was a recklessness with possibility of a safety net if things go wrong. I cannot, cannot jump off a cliff. For one, I am afraid of dying. For another, and more important, I cannot see anything on the other side worth jumping for. Why is that? What would it take for me to have strong opinion about things? To be brave enough to say them out loud. I am afraid of arguments, of pissing others off. I must have been a prostitute in a past life, with all this eagerness to please. I am tired of the way I am. I want to change but I cannot fathom how to start.