On Writing

I think that to be a good writer, one has to write everyday and one shouldn’t edit oneself on the first draft. Since I have a humongous amount of time before me, I should  be able to do the first. It’ll take diligence but I will try. The second will be a bit more difficult to carry out. I do censor myself. It’s a knee jerk reaction. I hate being criticized. But that is the price to pay for voicing one’s thoughts which is what writing is  really all about.

I am uploading another picture of a sunset. I took this one in Dapitan and  it is either one of my better photography efforts or just one of the better sunsets I’ve seen. I love to travel but it takes a lot of resources. Money is one, time is another. In the past, I did not have much money and zero time. Now I have a lot of the latter and quite zilch of the former. My biggest dream is to win the lottery without buying a ticket. How realistic is that.

The above entries are the ramblings of one who is bored and frustrated and uncertain of where her career is heading.


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