Look at what I cooked this morning

I was pretty stressed up lately. I am in a transition phase in my life and I hate the feeling that I don’t seem to know where it’s going.

One of the things I love to do when I’m  stressed is to cook. I love the routine of chopping up ingredients, the hiss and sizzle of the pan calm  my nerves. So even if it was 7 am I went ahead with my ampalaya with pork. So this will be both breakfast and lunch for today.

Ampalaya with pork  (good for 2)

1/4 kg pork laman

1 medium ampalaya

3 cloves garlic crushed

1/2 head of medium onion minced

1 medium tomato  cut in quarters

olive oil (about 1 tbsp)

pinch of crushed black pepper

soy sauce

The fat and the meat of the pork must be separated first. I wanted the fatty part drained of oil so I usually boil it with a little water then fry it until it looks like chicharon. I drained about 1 tsp of oil from the fat of  1/4 kg of pork laman. I then added olive oil for flavor and then sauteed the garlic, onion and tomato. I added the pork meat and let it cook, occasionally mixing. When the meat was half cooked, I added the ampalaya and stir-fried it with the meat. I seasoned it  with pepper and soy sauce and voila! A not-quite-usual breakfast eaten with piping hot rice.


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