All about my mother. Who is Dead now so She can’t kill me for this.

It is a bitch.  To be female

in a World of Men.

A cunt to be fucked

and nothing more.

A hand to tie

another’s shoelaces.

Your body, your legs

the conveyance

that carry them.

To where They Want to Go.

(The Grand Scheme of Things

certainly does not include

where you want to go.)

It is about simpering and flattering

And smiling even while

Choking on a man’s cock.

You pretend happiness

to buy Their love.

You feign contentment

while dreaming of passion

watered-down devotion

gets you through the day

toasty crumbs your main meal.

You never learn! Because you are a woman.

You go home and start the whole shit all over again.


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