How Not to Start a Private Practice

I tried, I tried, I tried. Please don’t say that I didn’t at least try. But maybe I was just too lazy or too proud to really get at it.

I hated waiting. And I hated haggling. And I hated asking for payment.

Does it all really just come down to it? A measly 250 bucks for a 15-minute consult. I couldn’t extend it further. And I couldn’t do more. I couldn’t do “sales talk”.

Now I’m in a contractual position in a public health job that is slowly draining my brain and turning me into a moron.

This is my fault for expecting the moon as a reward for all that training. There is really no pot of gold at the end of the freakin rainbow. There is  no rainbow to begin with. It’s all just one fucked up crap after another.

Shit! I hate my life. I never thought I’d say this again after the end of 2007  but here it is again. Shit!


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