That is what I currently am right now. Is it because of A. laziness, B. high expectations or C. lack of opportunities? A little of each, I think:  50% A, 20% B and 30% C.

I went through 7 years of tertiary education which includes college and medical school, 4 years of specialty training and 2 more years of sub-specialty training and now what do I have to show for all of that? 20 thousand bucks in the bank, a 2nd hand car that I don’t know how to drive  and depreciating or rotting home appliances and furniture. Oh and a ton of books, accumulated since I was 12 when I still dreamed of becoming a writer.

How does one without fortitude, self confidence and creativity become a writer? I can rip off from other people’s work. Done that before, never been caught … hurray!

The thing is I’m not exactly thrilled to be where I am now but I don’t know where to go. So where does that leave me?



  1. I love your blog..and just lately I found out you’re a doctor. Pretty impressive. I went to medical school 14 years ago. I left in 2004 8 months shy from graduation. We were broke and my dad sick so I did the commonsensical thing at that time and worked. You are lucky to have finished your degree and although it may seem to you that you don’t have a lot, you have plenty. You have no idea how many people would trade places with you right now. You’re a gifted writer too. Just don’t stop blogging please. You have a fan here in nyc.:-)


    1. Dear Marie,

      As you have seen in my “About” page, I warned readers to not expect me to respond to comments. But since I love your comment and I’ve never had a fan before — yup virgin territory! — I will say thank you very much for the kind words 🙂

      I am still underemployed and mighty pissed off about it. But since I am not starving anymore, there is an improvement.

      Thank you for sharing your story and for thinking I am lucky. Validation from strangers always make my day 🙂 It proves that there is a bigger world way beyond the HR office where a snotty personnel just power-tripped on me.

      Nope, as I breathe, I won’t stop blogging. I love being read by someone from nyc. 🙂


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