Sex, Lies and Videotape

Was watching “Sex, Lies and Videotape” (SLV).

This Movie was Already Risque in the 1980s Because Nobody Then Thought That Someday a TV Show Like Sex & the City Would Ever See the Light of Day

Andie McDowell’s character was saying that sex is highly overrated.

I don’t agree with women (and it’s usually women) who say that. It’s either they’ve never had sex properly (i.e. have never been turned on enough/ had an orgasm) or they’ve never been in love.

At its best, sex can be the most fun thing there is. It’s right up there with chocolate ice cream or chicken soup on a rainy day.

The problem with the 80’s (and SLV is definitely 80’s, with its big hairdos and shoulderpads) is that this is the decade when there were many things that people would rather leave unsaid — sex primarily.

For one thing, the word “virgin” seemed like a dirty word (unless associated with the Virgin Mary or other religious icons). Society preferred the term “innocent” or “inexperienced” or (as in some romance novels) “untutored”.

Maybe the reason for this conservatism is the fact that the world had just gone through the excessive permissiveness of the 60’s and 70’s. The prudishness of the 1980’s is a backlash to the culture that preceded it.

Come to think of it: I believe that each generation is a backlash to the one before (this is not an original idea, I think I got this from Erica Jong).

We will all rebel against our parents. In one way or another.

Erica Jong — My other mother. I’m sharing her with Molly.


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