Why We Write (F. Sionil Jose’s POV)

I love Mr. Francisco Sionil Jose! I’m a huge fan!

One of my bestfriends introduced me to him when she had to ask for his help with our Komunikasyon I/II-project in college.

I first met him in Padre Faura, in his bookshop, Solidaridad. Mr. Jose was an octogenarian with the cutest smile.

He is very insightful, and his writings are imbued with a strong sense of country which I love. He is married to the former Ms. Teresita Jovellanos whose father was a doctor.

This is what Mr. Jose has to say about writing: “It is this search for justification, for the explanation of what we are doing, which will then give depth to what we do, not just relevance which we seek because we want to go beyond the confines of our skins, to participate in the larger drama of existence.” (from the essay Filipino English: The Literature as We Think It, F. Sionil Jose, Gleanings from a Life in Literature, University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, 2011).

He is still writing! And this is from his latest column at The Philippine Star. Food for thought.


The Rosales Saga is a 5-book series and is Mr. Jose’s opus. I have re-read Mass and The Pretenders so many times I can write fan fiction on them!
(picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

f sionil jose

Mr. Jose in his hometown Rosales, Pangasinan
(picture courtesy of http://mycitymysm.com)


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