Men Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

With much respect to the great Dorothy Parker. The above quote is completely irrelevant except that it may be true.


I think one of my favorite writers just dissed me.

I never meant no disrespect; in fact I have nothing but admiration for The Great One. I mean, people read the stuff The Great One writes and I am but a lowly pretender. But at least I try. At least I go out there (or here), exposed, defenseless and risking … well maybe having someone say my butt (or rather, the gravatar’s butt) looks big.

Oh Great One, I am so looking forward to your-much-awaited novel, or story collection or whatever! The last one you did was more than 15 years ago and they were wonderful! (sarcasm not included)

I consider you a sibling and I really think you should start doing the talk and walking the walk.

Judith Michael  gave me the idea that most of the time what’s holding people back is either laziness or fear. Actually, what the character said in “Sleeping Beauty”  was that love is all about laziness and fear — which I don’t agree with. Of course.

I’m not saying You are lazy or afraid. After all, you did get to become what I only wish I can be.

Can I make a suggestion? Maybe you should write something about Gail. I think you loved her very much. I think all stories (or novels, for that matter)  should start from love.

But then, who am I to make suggestions. I am not a writer. I am Nothing.


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