Puppy Love


Kiss the salty rain
that’s blurring my eyes, my mind

The roaring thunder
the lightning, it frights

Stop the time
So that this happiness will be forever

Change the past
So we’ll always be together

Ignore my pleas
my moans
my cries

They are not true
they are all lies

Hold me in your arms
and never let me go
I’m blind

Who don’t know what’s wrong
what’s right

Who only answers to madness, to craziness, to impostors

I never faced the truth
it hurts.
I never answered facts
they brought pain.

I never believed in miracles.

But you are a miracle.
The one who gave me courage
To stand on my own
And to see what’s false
and real.

This loveletter for you, my love
Reveals me

Keep it safe.


I  wrote the draft of this poem when I was a young and innocent 12-year old after reading the historical romance “Storm Winds” by Iris Johansen.

I wrote a letter to Iris telling her how much I love her books. She actually wrote back!

That was the happiest day in my 12 year old life.


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