Before Midnight

With love, freedom is a given; only defensive people claim it for themselves. (Me)


Before Midnight

So me and my date watched “Before Midnight”. First day of screening, the 100-seat theater was jampacked with 15 people. There were about 12 females in attendance. The male  part of the audience was probably gay (my date’s opinion, not mine) except for my date. Of course.

Julie Delpy was radiant in her 40’s, big hips and all. She has nice breasts, though, said my date. Ethan Hawke was older and the red in his beard was completely gone, said Julie Delpy’s character.

Needless to say, Rotten tomatoes (   gave it a 98% positive review with only 3 reviewers out of 153  that said the movie sucked.

Here are the websites of the 3 diverging opinions:

And this is my favorite review from Phillip Lopate ( I like it because it consists of 1923 words and there are pictures in between. My date said that people who get paid bashing other people’s works must be way up there in the evolutionary ladder.

Readers beware, spoilers ahead! What the heck, anything from critics are spoilers, anyway.


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