Crying for Edjop

LRT 1, Roosevelt station

because they killed Edgar Jopson

(who has the same 1st name as G)

when he was only 34! (the same age as me)

He was not a perfect man

(what man is perfect, anyway?)

as Joy would attest

but she loved him

(she must have,

how else can one explain the 3 kids?)

Someone loved him

but they killed him anyway.

Tortured and maimed,  his molars pulled out

before they cut off his


Did he tell them what they wanted?

I don’t know,

will never know now

what he said. Exactly.



Today in history:  President Benigno Aquino III  will deliver his  State of the Nation Address to the Filipino people.

I am expecting heavy traffic. Thank God for trains!


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