Men & Their Erections II

Scene XXXX: Secret Garden, You Had Me At Hello

Jerry Maguire

“Do you remember what Renee Zelwegger said to Bonnie Hunt about Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire?” Ana  says to her BFF, Therese. “She said ‘I love him for the man he wants to be and I love him for the man he almost is. I love him!’ exclamation point. Well that’s just how I feel for Christian. Even if sometimes he makes it so difficult for me to love him … I do love him. Always has, always will.”

Therese: “So the lack of erection is forgiven then?”

Ana: “I said I love him. That doesn’t mean I relish being a nun in this relationship.”

Therese: “So … have an affair! That’s so easy to do these days. Cybersex, texting … and those are just foreplays!”

Ana: “That’s the problem with me Therese, I’m like Renee, only Tom Cruise would do. All the others are just incidentals.”


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