Men & Their Erections 3

Christian’s POV or Not All Men End Up Like Harry Potter Who Saved the World From Lord Voldermort

Scene I

Therese: What do you call something that hates verbosity but loves words?

Ana: A haiku?

***king's bounty

Scene II


“What?” Marcus looked up from playing King’s Bounty on the PC.

“Women love words.” Christian replied.

Marcus shook his head. “Nah, I said it should be a name for a creature that loves words but hates verbosity.”

Christian thought about it for 5 seconds. “You’re right. Women don’t fit that description.”



Scene III

Ana: So you remember “Almost Famous”, right?

Therese: Cameron Crowe, I love Kate Hudson’s hair!

Ana:  What’s the name of the guy?

Therese: The rockstar?

Ana: No, the boy pretending to be a journalist who interviewed the rockstar.

Therese: William Miller played by Patrick Fugit. Do you know that he’s cuter now that he’s older?

Ana: That was Christian when he was 15.


A Poetic Interlude …

Regarding Christian (Ana’s POV)

He, with his day-old stubble

and many-layered eyelashes

the dimple  that peeks like a surprise

during balmy nights in suburbia.

All I know of love

I learned from him —

from the cheesy to the profound,

from the crass earthiness of “nipple”

to the direct playfulness of “cock”.

He is the reason why I did not choose to be a lesbian.


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