Men and Their Erections 4

Ana’s POV: Chemistry (as it pertains to things sexual/romantic) is all about context


Therese: Ana! You have got to read this! It is way too hot!

An excerpt: “She tried to hold him but he was too wild, out of control, almost lifting her from the bed with the force of his thrusts.”

(From: Iris Johansen. The Wind Dancer.  Bantam Books, 1991, pp 90-92.)

Annotations from The Omniscient Storyteller: A number of people will snicker at the preceding sentence, most particularly, at the word “thrust”.  Therese, on the other hand, was touched, moved  (and yes, she also got hot reading the love scenes) at the story involving the slave named Sanchia and the condotierri named Lion Andreas who lived, both in Iris Johansen’s imagination and in Renaissance Italy.  That is the importance of context.

wind dancer

Ana: (without looking up from watching Spartacus season 3 on her laptop) Yeah, been there, done that.

Therese: Really? Get out of here! Even pages 258 to 261?

Ana: (smirking) Yep.

Therese: No wonder you can’t leave Christian.

Ana: Therese, really! I can’t leave Christian because I love him. When I look at him, I get convinced that there is still a lot of goodness in the world.


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