Men & Their Erections 5

Once upon a time, there was a girl whom, we shall call, Charisse. She looks remarkably like that female FBI-agent in “Silence of the Lambs” that was assigned to interview Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter.

As far as nerdy women go, Charisse will win as president, if the elections were held today.


Charrise: Ana, what did I do with my life? I made a mess of it!

Ana: (Looking up from cooking blueberry souffle, which made somebody in the audience snicker and say yeah right, good luck on that!)  What  made you say that?

Charrisse: I went through all these shit to finally have a white coat and this is all there is? I mean after all the hassles and the drama and the sleepless nights, this is it?

Ana: You did do what you set out to do, right? I mean you started all this and you did not think “hey someday I would be a flight stewardess”. That was not the goal.

Charrisse: Well, yeah. But I still hate it when you put it like that. (pouts)

Ana: (Finally, putting her concoction into the oven and crossing her fingers — “Let it rise,” she thought “I”ve had it enough with stuff that are supposed to rise but didn’t!”) Okay, spill. What’s wrong?

Charisse: (shows Ana The Ring)

Of course, this picture is a joke! This is not a horror story -- obviously!

Of course, this picture is a joke! This is not a horror story — obviously!

Ana: OMG, Really?

Charrisse: Yep, really.

Ana: So why the pout?

Charrisse: I am trying to make a list of reasons why I should marry him.

Ana: And so?

Charrisse: Ana, we are just so … different! I am an extrovert, he’s intro. I am into books and writing and blogging and reading and he’s happy just sitting around playing Baldur’s Gate or Might & Magic! I am a morning person, he sleeps late! And I hate to sound like a bitch — which I am — but, financially I am way more well off than him. And he’s so much nicer than me, Ana — I mean what kind of a guy is actually nicer than you?

Ana: So you had these apprehensions after you accepted the ring?

Charrisse: Oh please! Don’t be sarcastic! I said yes because he kneeled down and asked so sweetly and then the kiss was sooo goooood! Ana, just give me one good reason why I should go through with marrying him!

Ana: (Distracted, the darned souffle won’t still rise, darn it!) Why don’t you marry him because he’s the kind of person you would like to be?

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