Men & Their Erections 7

Alternative Title: The Thing With Virgins


The truth is, after the 6th post, I planned to never talk about Ana and Christian again.

But their voices just won’t stop yammering in my brain!

So today I hear them, canoodling in (where else?) the bedroom and Ana was saying, “Ok we should get up now.”

Christian: What time is it?

Ana: It’s eleven in the morning.

Christian: The last time I slept this late was when I lost my virginity.

Ana: Really?

Christian: Yeah, I miss it.

Ana: What? Your virginity?

At this point, Ana would get up and out of the queen size but Christian would stop her.

Ana: What is so great about virgins anyway?

Christian: Everything. Remember Joan of Arc?

Ana: Yeah, she got burned at the stake.

Christian: Is that so?

Ana: The thing with virgins is throughout history, they were either grossly overrated or woefully underrated. In the first few millennia of human civilization, they were regularly being thrown into volcanoes or being served as dinner to all sorts of monsters.

Christian: And that would mean …

Ana: Gross.

Christian:  Well these days, it doesn’t really matter if one is virgin or not, does it?

Ana: (Sighs) Yes, it’s no big deal. Not anymore.

In her heart, Ana, thinks: “Which makes it woeful.”


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