The Muntinlupa to Punta Fuego Soundtrack

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

The good thing about the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) is that, ever since Sharon Cuneta, Manny Pacquiao and all sorts of important people started buying real estate south of Manila, it has greatly improved in quality.

The asphalt laid on its august miles, has been, for the most part, fit for public consumption, making travel relatively uneventful. That is, if one does not chance upon a speed junkie who is psychotic enough to cut in on you at 125 miles per hour.

Happily for those who are blissfully unaware (and ignorant) of the joys of driving, the speed of 100-125 mph is very conducive to thinking up stories (lurid or otherwise) as one speeds past former ricefields-converted-to-so-called-development-projects-that-will-benefit-important-people-and-will-probably-give-shit-to-ordinary ones.

One listens to music so one may be “inspired”. Admittedly, one’s taste in music can best be described as “questionable” at the least and “atrocious” at the worst — based on contemporary cynical society’s standards.

One would like to express one’s gratefulness to Piratebay and other file-sharing sites, without which, the following playlist would not be possible:

1. Faithfully (Journey)

2. After all these Years (Journey)

3. Beauty and Madness (Fra Lippo Lipi)

4. If I’m not Inlove with You (Janno & Jennilyn version)

5. Everything I do, I do it For You (Brian Adams)

6. Catch Me I’m Fallen (Toni Gonzaga)

7. So It’s You (Christian Bautista)

8. Lost in Your Eyes (Debbie Gibson)

8. Now That I Have You (Erick Santos & Sheryn Regis version)

9. You are my Song (Regine Velasquez version)

10. Save the Best for Last (Vanessa Williams)

11. I Don’t Know How to Love Him (from “Jesus Christ Superstar” soundtrack)

12. On My Own (from “Les Miserable” soundtrack)

13. How Did You Know (singer unknown to me for now but will try to find out later)

14. After All (Peter Cetera and Cher)

15. It Might Be You (Stepher Bishop version)

16. Anyone At All (Carole King)

17. The First Time I Loved Forever (Lisa Angelle)

18. The Search Is Over (Scott McIntyre version)

19. Reaching Out (Gary Valenciano)

August is the National Language Month or Buwan ng Wika in Tagalog, That said, I would like to remind myself to always patronize Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

As an aside, there is something called Filipino literature in English. In fact, a number of songs in the above soundtrack were in English; sung by very talented Filipino singers, a considerable source of revenue as far as exports are concerned. One such singer, named Charisse, was even singled out by the Great Oprah Winfrey. We considered it an honor that Oprah featured Charisse on her show; prior to that, Charisses’s own people couldn’t have cared less if she existed.

Also, our National Hero (title courtesy of the Americans), Jose Rizal wrote his two greatest novels in Spanish.

Just goes to show what a confused (schizoid?) nation we are.

Jose Rizal. Yet another schmuck who got himself killed because of love. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Jose Rizal. Yet another schmuck who got himself killed because of love. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.


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