An Exercise on Lying (or Do as I Say, Not as I Do)

Things to do:

1. Take pictures – for evidentiary purposes.

2. Curse those whom you’d love to kill – it delivers catharsis, but won’t land you in jail.

3. Roll eyes every 5 seconds – Make sure you are adequately warmed up. Eyes may remain rolled-up for rest of natural life.

4. Post pictures of hypocrites on FB page. Facebook is to the new millennium what temples were when Pharisees walked the earth.

5. Pray for patience. Sometimes being passive-aggressive is the best policy.

6. Ask oneself, re: validity of statement: “We are slaves.” Because we are, in one way or another.

7. Sappiness dictates that one should bring up, “But love sets one free from enforced or chosen slavery.” To which one becomes a smart-aleck and make the counter-reply: “Chosen slavery is a misnomer, contradiction of terms, irony, paradox — slaves do not choose their lot. Unless, they are masochists, which make them pathologic.”

Good old Juan Luna. He probably inspired Steven S. De Knight — gladiators do get people’s attention. And it gets better, Pepe Rizal wrote a review! “Luna’s Spoliarium with its bloody carcasses of slave gladiators being dragged away from the arena where they had entertained their Roman oppressors with their lives…stripped to satisfy the lewd contempt of their Roman persecutors with their honor.” Image and quote from Wikipedia.



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