A Mother’s Love

You have to give it to Mrs. JL-N. She really loves her daughter.

Porsches as birthday gift, an 80 million pesos luxury apartment in Hollywood California, designer-label bags, shoes, clothes and accessories.

Her baby girl sure is living the life. Baby girl is an aspiring fashion designer. Given the way she walked the runway in this video, maybe she is even an aspiring model!

Her social media accounts give ample documentation of her passions and sense of style.

Is she a Paris Hilton-wannabe? Ok, I need to see the sex video to judge.

Of course Mrs. JL-N did go on-cam and said that their wealth was obtained through honest means. I am just a little confused. In one interview, it was coal export and trade, then there is another that said it’s fishing, and that Mrs. JL-N’s maternal family really came from the “landed old-rich”. Hmmm, is it me or do I smell something fishy?

Whatever! It is without a doubt that Mrs. JL-N is the most devoted, generous, and loving of all mothers. And she’s alive! Unlike my mom who is dead.

So, to J, who just turned 23, and was so sexy with her perfect cleavage and plunging necklines, dancing the night away on her birthday party:

…. I hope you will have a good night’s sleep baby girl …

… I hope you will never feel how it is to be hungry …

… I hope you will have a long and happy life. …

… filled with love and all sorts of goodies …

I hope you never have to experience what more than 1/4 of this country is currently suffering from.

In a world where a few get so much and the multiple dregs of humanity get so little, my puny mind cannot get around at the fact that your Mom loved you so much, she let you have that Chanel bag, Herve Leger dress and YSL sandals when these little girls had this:



  1. More ways to break my heart. I should know by now that it’s endless; it all feels too much sometimes.

    Lots of times.


  2. […] Jeane, darling, your mom has got to be the most inconsiderate scalawag! If she felt that she had got to give herself over to the authorities, couldn’t she have e-mailed me instead? I would have gladly turned her over to PNoy; after collecting my 10 mil, of course. […]


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