Repressed Subversive

Sometimes, it puzzles me how a nation that produced such great guys like Nicolas Cage and Aaron Sorkin and Steven De Knight could also spew out assholes like Douglas MacArthur and William McKinley. — Anastasia Christina, historian wannabe


I was watching “National Treasure” on HBO this morning and it was such great fun!

I consider being able to watch Nicolas Cage spar with Diane Kruger as my reward for having been a nice girl; who washed the dishes exclusively this week.

national treasure

Movies I love never fail to inspire me. This one is no exception.

When I’m inspired, I tend to write letters. I particularly love writing to dead men because they will never talk back even if I insult them or/and their progeny.


Sometimes, when I feel like being mean, he would remind me, just a little, of what Padre Damaso must have looked like.

Sometimes, when I feel like being mean, he would remind me, just a little, of what Padre Damaso must have looked like.

An Open Letter to Benjamin Franklin

Dear Sir:

What I envy about your kids is they have History.

They have history because you did not die.

You lived until  the ripe age of 84; while my very own Jose Rizal was shot and buried in an unmarked grave when he was 35.

So unfair, don’t you think?

Mr. Franklin, you would be very pleased to know that your sons (and to an extent, your daughters too) did very well after you left.

In fact, they did so great in amassing such wealth that they bought my grandmother for 20 million dollars! Yup, she was quite cheap back in 1899.

And guess what, Mr. Franklin, some of your sons committed the same atrocities to my grandparents that the British did (may also have done?) to yours. Come on, I dare your ghost … go and haunt the Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and ask the guys there where those 2 large bells came from. Ask them (preferably in a scary voice): “Does the name Balangiga ring anything?”

Nevertheless, sir,  two of your grandsons, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, invented WordPress. So maybe you were not such a bad ancestor, after all.

Oh, but I envy your progeny, sir! A significant number of my grandmother’s great-grandkids would rather go to Silicon Valley than stay here.

They consider staying in their own country a death sentence. And I can’t blame them. It is a death sentence to die of hunger.

Good day to you, Mr. Franklin, wherever you are. May you and your great-great grandkids have a long and interesting life (in your case, life-after-death, ooops, I forgot, you were agnostic, oh well).

With much respect.

Love and best regards,



The next passages are quite unrelated but, I can’t help it, so humor me …

“All men know that the female romantic novel is the product of and the fuel for women’s fantasies.  What they have not realized is that the fantasies are not about every woman’s desire to be the  willing sexual slave of some macho male. They are, and always have been, the subversive literature of sexual politics.”

— Clair, Daphne. Sweet Subversions. In: Dangerous Men & Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance. Krentz, JA (ed). University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992,  pp. 75.


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