I think it was Ricky Lee  (Trip to Quiapo: Scriptwriting Manual) who said that one of the main tasks of  a writer is to make connections. Show others  his/her version of Truth by looking for associations between seemingly dissociated things.

I often gather topics for writing from Facebook. And today, I saw these two articles posted by my Facebook friends:

What does the death of Rick Warren’s son and the current pork barrel / PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) scandal have to do with each other?

Matthew Warren, 27, had been struggling with mental illness (depression)  all his life.  In April 2013, he decided that he’s had enough of the struggle; and he decided to leave this life, this world, his famous father and Barack Obama.

On  August 26, my nation plans to stage a protest against government corruption that was solidly manifested by the recent pork barrel controversy involving a certain Janet Lim Napoles, her beautiful daughter  Jeane, and a significant number of our senator and congressmen.


Well the Filipino people have had enough of corruption either. Our struggle with corruption has been as old as our written  history. From the time we were visited by some Caucasian named Ferdinand Magellan; invaded and occupied by the denizens of the Spanish Inquisition; introduced to Hollywood by the US of A; ravaged and raped (literally) by Japan; and,  now, we are being colonized even by our very own elites — as god is our witness we’ve had enough!

The question is: are we going to do a Matthew Warren?


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