Would We Prefer Pork or Beef?

I am partial to seafoods and chicken. I especially love them grilled.

Picture from janecajuguiran.wordpress.com

Picture from janecajuguiran.wordpress.com

Picture was from caribbeanpot.com

Picture was from caribbeanpot.com

Tomorrow, August 26, people will be having a mass-picnic in Luneta where pork will be discussed.

I don’t have anything against pork.

But one has to admit, there are a significant number of problems (bodily or otherwise) that we may encounter from pork — like cysticercosis; hypertension and hypercholesterolemia have been observed in guys who love to eat lechon; the Muslims believe that the pig is a dirty animal, hence their disavowal from eating anything porky.

The question of the day, apparently, is shall we continue eating pork, albeit in moderation; or shall we switch into another type of diet altogether?

Personally, I am still musing at my answer. But here’s a nice one from someone who knows the law:



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