I have read somewhere that the essence of seduction — or romance? I am not sure which — is surrender. Hmmm …



I was 14 when I read this book, a historical romance by Jayne Anne Krentz writing as Amanda Quick. The heroine, Victoria Huntington, was a headstrong heiress (is there an alliteration there?) who was attracted to the Earl of Stonevale, Lucas Colebrook, against her better judgment.  He was a down-on-his-luck earl who had to seduce Victoria in order to get her to marry him so that he can get his hands on her fortune. All About Romance gave it a grade of B minus. Since I’m finding it hard to even remember the plot of this book; and the emotions it evokes in me are tepid at best, I would have to agree with that rating.


On yet another part of the globe, in the Philippines, citizens (including, notably, me) are dismayed that Janet Lim-Napoles has surrendered just after President Aquino announced the 10 million-peso reward for her capture.

Jeane, darling, your mom has got to be the most inconsiderate scalawag! If she felt that she had got to give herself over to the authorities, couldn’t she have e-mailed me instead? I would have gladly turned her over to PNoy; after collecting my 10 mil, of course.

So what now Jeane? Is your mom thinking of doing a Chavit Singson? Is she going to (finally) sing songs? (lame joke)  I hope when she does sings, the lyrics will be truthful.

I am beginning to suspect that you guys have been reading my blog. Aminin!

Just a few days ago I posted this comment on some website essentially entreating your mom to take a page out of Benhur Luy’s playbook and tell all. And now Noynoy has turned her over to Mar, Korina’s hubby!

At 9 pm Jeane! Bummer! I missed the ANC Breaking News Report! If I hadn’t been woken up by a pesky mosquito, I wouldn’t have turned on my Internet at 2 am and saw the Breaking News in Facebook! Thank God for Mark Zuckerberg!

Jeane's mom, happy days. Photo from

Jeane’s mom, happy days. Photo from

Competitive person that I am, I just have to mention that I am the 4th WordPress blogger who blogged about The Surrender using the tag Janet Lim-Napoles. (source: WordPress Reader)

Special mention to

the # 1

and #2

and  #3

It’s more fun in the Philippines!

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