Something True

JL had her first boyfriend in high school. Marcus was tall, handsome, an officer in their COCC (this was way back when CAT in high school was mandatory) and he liked her.

When JL entered college in a different city, she and Marcus vowed that they would make the long distance relationship work.

I have often wondered how JL, who was an advocate of the  I-won’t-have-sex-until-I-get-married School of Virginity, could do the deed with Marcus inside our rotting apartment one weekend. They were 17.

She waited a full month before she told me about it. She told me about it because she had a pregnancy scare.

Two years  after the pregnancy scare, JL did get pregnant. We went to the neighborhood drugstore to buy the 10th pregnancy test kit because “we have to confirm if this is true and not a false positive.”

When JL gave birth, Marcus was in the hospital but they had already broken up.

It was difficult for me to remain close to JL once she had her baby. For one, she had flunked Biochemistry so she had to stay behind 1 year and I had to progress (if one can call it that) to Pharmacology which was worse.

I heard from our friends that JL had this new boyfriend, Justin.

Who turned out to be gay.

Then she told our friend Pris (and Pris told me) that she was having sex with our exchange student classmate Harold.

But Harold got back together with his girlfriend Alex and he had to transfer back to America because he got “sick of the system in the Philippines.”

Then one night, we had a girl’s night-out and JL told me she had a one night-stand with Risa Rina’s (a local celebrity’s) brother. That made me envious.

Then JL got together with Simon. Whom I had a crush on for years. One of our friends, Emma, even said, “girl you’re in love with the guy, you’re just torpe.”  “Torpe”  is  the Tagalog word to describe Peter Parker who had been in love with Mary Jane for years but wouldn’t tell her until she hooked up with James Franco.

(I still maintain that I was not in love with Simon. By my definition of “love” — if I was in love with Simon, I would have had the courage to take my clothes off with  him. Which I eventually did — with the man I am still in love with.)

JL and  I had a heart-to-heart talk just after my graduation. She told me  that she just broke up with Simon.

I was aghast. “But you been have together longer than all the others.”

“Doesn’t matter. He couldn’t love my kid.”

“So what now?”

She smiled, “Last year, I met Erik. He’s from Sweden. Came here for an educational tour or something. I think he’s my soulmate.”

“Yeah. Right. The guy lives in the other side of the globe.”

“I called him last night. I was upset. I haven’t heard his voice since we first met a year ago. He was in a meeting. I told him I missed him.”

“You did?”

“I did. And he said, he’s jumping on the next plane to get here.”

Erik from Sweden did went on to the next plane to meet with my bestfriend JL. Needless to say, he got along greatly with JL’s son, Michael. Michael was 8 years old and he told me that he liked Erik more than his mom because Erik knows Astronomy.

Today I am doing bridesmaid duty to my bestfriend of 14 years.

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