Righteous Indignation: Death, Taxes & Napoles

Doctors, in general, are passive creatures who would rather wait in the sidelines than go to the streets. Che Guevarra and  Bobby dela Paz were notable exceptions.

Dr. Bobby dela Paz, MD (circa 1970's) -- yet another cute guy who died "in the service of his country". Picture from http://www.bantayog.org/node/89

Dr. Bobby dela Paz, MD (circa 1970’s) — yet another cute guy who died “in the service of his country”. Picture from http://www.bantayog.org/node/89

Recently however, some MD friends were up in arms (a figure of speech, of course) due to  a serious-as-death issue — taxes.

If you would care to take the time to read these:




and this:



you would get the gist of what I am getting at.


Believe it or not, "millionaire doctors" make up < 1 % of all MDs in my country. The rest just scrounges to get by, just like you. Picture from itunes.apple.com

Believe it or not, “millionaire doctors” make up < 1 % of all MDs in my country. The rest just scrounge to get by. Picture from itunes.apple.com


Taxes are not inherently evil. They can even be good, as a lot of people receiving Social Security can attest.

However, in my crazy country, taxes more often go to the purse (or the bank) of certain people like Janet and her daughter, Jeane (yes baby ger, I am NOT done with you yet) or to Bong Revilla,   than to worthwhile endeavors like improving the public transportation system.

With such crappy set-up as that, you can’t blame my countrymen (women) for complaining everytime the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) passes the buck at us for their incompetence.

Ouch, Kim Henares, my MD friends actually said that if you would have the gall to apply to medical school, you would be facing a lynch mob in lieu of the admissions committee.

Sometimes, my MD friend further opines, she’d rather be in Syria.

Which, of course, drew a rather horrified gasp from me.


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