Objectifying Men

A feminist parody of Robin Thicke’s controversial hit “Blurred Lines” has gone viral on YouTube after being briefly banned from the video-sharing website for being too raunchy.

But …

Thicke’s video, complete with topless cavorting models, remains on the website and has more than 17 million hits, with users needing to sign in to verify their age before viewing it.

Blurred lines parody. Photo from rappler.com

Blurred lines parody. Photo from rappler.com

“It’s just funny that the response has been so negative when you flip it around and objectify males,” Olivia Lubbock, student from New Zealand.

See Rappler.com for the complete article


Jamie and Ana, girl talk. Image from everydayloveart.com

Jamie and Ana, girl talk. Image from everydayloveart.com

Ana would occasionally meet up to catch up with some girl friends from college.

A lot of them are single and NBSB (no boyfriend since birth).

She would commiserate with their concerns, usually ranging from careers (workmate from hell that acts like a scum leaving me with all the scut work when he’s kissing the boss’s ass) or family (youngest sister just got married, I’m the eldest — what’s wrong with the picture?) or lovelife (or the lack of it).

Today, Ana was talking and having a late dinner with Jamie.

Jamie: Are you sure it’s okay with Christian that you’re with me and not having dinner with him?

Ana: I’m married, not incarcerated. And Christian knows I’m with you. He just texted, “have fun”.

Jamie: Well, that’s nice.

Ana: So updates! What’s up with you and that guy, Carter?

Jamie: He’s here in Manila last month.

Ana: And?

Jamie: I helped him look for a place to stay.

Ana: And?

Jamie: We saw this nice hotel and he stayed there for three days until he finished with his papers. I was with him. And no, Ana, nothing happened.

Ana: Oh.

Jamie: His mother keeps texting me updates about Carter. She’s so sweet. Do you think Tita was lying when she told me that Carter told her he wished he would find a job soon so that we can be together?

Ana: Why would she lie?

Jamie: That’s what I thought too.

Ana: You really like him, don’t you?

Jamie: Yeah. I mustered the guts to ask him once if he was courting me and his answer was so vague. He said, “If I were courting a girl, she would know it.”

Ana: I hate it too when guys go cryptic!

Jamie: I don’t know. Maybe it’s because he’s just 25 and hasn’t started a career yet.

Ana: While you … are this hotshot surgeon …

Jamie: I am not hotshot! I am a long way from being hotshot!

Ana: And you’re like 8 years older than him.

Jamie: We like each other!

Ana: I know, dear. What kind of a shitty world is it when nobody bats an eyelash when a 32-year old  male executive has a relationship with a 20 year-old college graduate, but you can’t be with Carter because …

Jamie: Because he doesn’t have a job, he failed the board exams 4 times, and I’m a not-so-hotshot female surgeon. He probably feels …(shakes her head)

Ana: But you like each other.

Jamie: Does that count?


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