Fact or Not ?

1. The number of viable ova in a woman’s ovary peaks just after puberty, stays high until her 20’s, and then steadily declines after her 30s

2. Teen pregnancy is currently a pet crusade of foreign funding agencies like USAID and UNFPA and WHO (and I am currently trying to beat a deadline writing a report on the subject, hence this blog post is an exercise on procrastination).

3. Women should be able to decide when and with whom they want to get pregnant; but sometimes they are ambivalent about going through pregnancy, childbirth and parenting (which are three different things but are currently packaged together) and they write insightful posts about that ambivalence which sound like this – http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/03/motherhood-mondays-one-reader-asks-im.html

3. Affluent women in affluent societies get the services of cash-strapped women in over-populated societies to carry gestations for them – http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/india-s–rent-a-womb–industry-draws-criticism-185434998.html

4. When a girl goes on a date (whether online or off), a part of her may imagine  that the guy will become the future father of her children. Hence she will think it imperative to find out his economic prospects — including, but not limited to, his highest educational attainment, his job, his salary and his “plans for the future”. This happens even if the girl has a job, a good salary and great prospects for the future.

5. Sometimes, the male or  the female  decides that timed sexual intercourse and infertility workups have totally fucked up their sex life. And what’s the point of stressing yourselves trying to have a kid when the effort to do so may just ruin your relationship.

6. Sometimes, couples never have a kid because they never have sex. And it’s not because of waning love or desire for each other. Sometimes, when two people have been together for a really long time, the inclination to fuck like rabbits every other day go down. A case of familiarity breeding laziness, perhaps.

7. The best years to have sex is when one is a teenager — raging hormones, yummy tight bodies that have not yet given way to flab. However the UNFPA, WHO, and USAID will frown on you if you get pregnant. Worse, grown-ups will frown on you if they knew you were having sex even if you didn’t get pregnant. You want to use a condom but the salespersons at the drugstore (who is a grownup) frowns on you. If you’re a girl, you can buy an OCP and pretend that it’s to regulate your menstruation.

8. If one is no longer a teenager and one is married, others expect one to get pregnant preferably within 1-2 years after the wedding. Otherwise, what have you gotten married for? One is not supposed to have become “a whole woman” unless one has given birth to a baby. A miscarriage is not counted.

9. In a society rife with machismo, which is like >80% of the world, it may take years to persuade a man to undergo semenalysis.

10. In a certain society, it seems that one can do stuff that, by definition, are selfish and greedy and abhorrent, with the justification that one has done it for one’s child/children. Let’s present Janet Lim-Napoles, who carried out the humongous scams she did because she wanted to give her children a better life, as Exhibit A.

11. In the Labor Room, a gravida 3 is 7 cms dilated and one hopes that she will give birth within the next 2 hours.

Dolly, the cloned sheep. What would our society be like if the only way we can reproduce is via the way Dolly did?

Dolly, the cloned sheep. What would our society be like if the only way we can reproduce is via the way Dolly did?