Indulging in Drama (Uncategorized)

Eponine was belting out On My Own and Alice felt like weeping; this is what the cliché on unrequited love is all about — it is wanting to jump and drown yourself into the river Seine.

In her case, the Pasig river would suffice, with all its muck and centuries-worth of neglect and degradation.

Alice, stop it. You chose this, live with it. Don’t be such a goddarned ninny.

In any case, if she did cry right now, Kim would think that it’s a natural reaction to watching such a tear-jerker Broadway extravaganza as Les Miserables.

A few years ago, back in Manila, she watched a play called “Walang Sugat” with him whose-name-she-won’t-even-think-lest-she-become-depressed.

Walang Sugat” was a Tagalog zarzuela by Severino Reyes, a love story about a soldier who went to battle and the girl he left behind. The play was of the ”happy-ever-after” category.

Alice would usually classify plays, novels or stories into 3 categories: 1. the “happy-ever-after” 2. the “and-they-all-suffer/die-or-spend-the-rest-of-their-lifetime-on-Prozac” variety or, 3. the “uncategorized” category.

She was now wondering: if her and Jonas’s story made it to Broadway (or to Hollywood … ha ha!), what type of script or screenplay would it have?

If your life were turned into a movie, who would play it?” she asked Kim once they got out of the theater.

Kim had a ready answer, “Nicole Kidman! What about you?”

I have no idea. I like Lindsay Lohan.”

They would have to lobotomise her first before she can play you,” Kim laughed, obviously enjoying the discussion. “Or maybe you should be played by a not so well-known actress. Like that girl they want to be Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey the movie? What’s her name, Dakota something?”

Melanie Griffith’s daughter.”


They passed by a homeless person and Alice thought, so this is not so different a world from the one I left, after all.

The big difference about New York and Manila,” she said, “is that everything here is … big. You don’t know if you want to swallow it before it can swallow you.”

Out of the blue, Kim remarked, “You miss him – Jonas.” There was no question mark after that statement.

Alice said, “Yeah, well … long distance relationships don’t work, quote unquote.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! You can Skype or email or do Facebook or Twitter or blog or … you know, maybe even snail mail. I have an aunt who did that with her husband, a marine engineer who would be gone 10 months a year. They did snail mail for 18 years!”

Then what happened?”

He retired from the ship with a hefty bonus and retirement pay. And then he and my aunt went on a cruise, just the two of them. But he had a heart attack during that trip so he’s now dead.”

Are you trying to make me feel better or worse?”

I am just saying that for two people in love, time or distance shouldn’t matter.”

Kim, my friend, the operative word there is ‘should’ – something completely different from ‘would’.”

I think the two of you would end up together, no matter what,” Kim announced with conviction.

What makes you so confident?”

I set the two of you up. I wrote your story. I’ll be damned if it will end up to be anything less than a happy ending.”

In her heart, Alice was thinking: it could be Uncategorized.


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