Some Random Teachers Found Through Blogging

I found myself some new teachers today. And I didn’t even have to pay a tuition fee!

Professor Scott Long teaches Sociology and Statistics in Indiana University; and I saw in his blog that he also dabbles in activism. Looking at his university’s website and the curriculum he teaches just gave me a headache. Regression models. Data analysis. Statistical research. Gender Differences in the Careers of Doctoral Scientists and Engineers.

paper bird2

This is the picture in the banner of Prof. Long’s website. Nice huh! The Prof explained in this page ( that the illustration on his website were made by a 19-year old Egyption artist named Adam Dot. Cool! Image from

The problem with being a real student is one has to pay attention; and hence, do some real work. Been there, done that … have drank my share of chinese energy drinks to stay up til 2 am to study for an exam or write a research paper. Which reminds me … I really have to finish my research for my fellowship. Ugggh!!! I hate vegetables!!!


Another interesting find is Kelsey Osgood, a sometime-anorexic, who wrote an article on “I Never Promised You  A Rose Garden”, one of my favorite books by sometime-schizophrenic Hannah Green (aka Joanne Greenberg). Osgood’s explorations are about anorexia, something that she personally dabbled on.

I would have to thank Charlie Hebdo’s staff for their deaths because I would not have seen the links for Osgood’s and Professor Long’s pages if I wasn’t reading web articles about some French cartoonists/satirists who were gunned down by Muslim extremists in Paris.


Oher References:

Some website that with an address that looks like this @asgharbukhari/charlie-hebdo-this-attack-was-nothing-to-do-with-free-speech-it-was-about-war-26aff1c3e998. When I initially copied/paste the website article’s URL, it wouldn’t appear on my blog so I had to write it longhand. Go figure.


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