Show and Tell


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I forgot.

That writing is about showing. And not telling.

Like peek-a-boo, maybe. The fun is in the searching

Finding is just icing

On a cake (chocolate flavored with a hint of strawberry).


Okay so I have been dissed again.


on me.


But this time I found it to be fun.

Robert, darling, I get it … but still,

You should have given me the right to reply.

I would have just smiled and said “thank you”

And would that be so threatening?



Will sex scenes in blockbuster movies start showing cunnilingus instead of the missionary position? That really would be radical.

— Germaine Greer,  The Whole Woman (Anchor, Great Britain, 1999), pp. 242.



I sure hope so Miz Greer, I sure hope so 🙂 — silly old me




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