Men & Their Erections 6

Whenever Ana experiences a lull in her workplace, she fantasizes about Christian.

She finds herself doing  a lot of that these days after that great you-know-what in you-know-where.

It is so difficult trying to discuss a great sexual experience without sounding pornographic. But if anyone can imagine that scene in Titanic where all we saw was the outside of that misty early 1900s car and then Kate Winslet’s hand went up against the glass door and left a very wet mark – well, its’s either you can imagine it or you can’t. Or you haven’t watched the movie, in which case, get out of here!


The thing with great sex is it’s also a great catharsis.

This morning, Christian was driving Ana to work, and they were listening to some sappy songs on the car radio. Christian asked Ana if she thought Karen Carpenter died a virgin.

Ana: Hmmm … well … her songs did sound … very tortured. I mean “I won’t last a day without you”, “If you’re only using me to please your vanity, you’re really not inlove so let me go” or “your love’s put me at the top of the world” – she sounded like she wanted to fall off a cliff or something.

Christian: She had an eating disorder, cause of death was probably related to malnutrition.

Ana: Oh poor girl, definitely died a virgin.

Christian: (sexy smirk) You think so?

Ana: If she’s having great sex, she’d have wanted to eat. Great sex is exhausting, you know.

Christian: (very sexy smirk) I know.

Ana: Just drive.