“The Last Jedi” Does Not Need Another Rave Review

(+++ warning, if you are sensitive to swear words please do not read this)

So I will not make one. But my article today will use Rian Johnson‘s baby as a starting-off point to talk about sexual harassment, creative/artistic efforts and James Damore.


Picture from Wikipedia

Looking at Mr. Johnson’s facial hair and the fact that according to Wikipedia, he is presently in a relationship with a woman, it is safe to say that he is a heterosexual white male.

Heterosexual white males have traditionally been privileged creatures in Planet Earth. Yes, they still have their own pecking orders as in:  Jewish heterosexual white males are picked upon by  Italian heterosexual white males, who are picked upon by the Irish who are picked upon by the British who are picked upon by the Nords (??) — ad infinitum.

The point is, in the Grand Scheme of things, these guys should think twice first before claiming to be a discriminated minority — BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT. Another point is, I have just had enough of their whinings which they can express in pseudo-reasonable or creative ways.

Then Mr. Johnson came along and created “The Last Jedi” — and it restored my faith in male humanity. To anybody who has not watched that movie, in a nutshell, the takeaway message of TLJ is: “guys, for fucking Christ’s sake, listen to women.”


Because if you do not listen to us, one day you may just wake up and learn that once upon a time you were a rapist.

Yes darlings, when a woman says NO, it DOES NOT mean yes; and no: yes does not mean anal. If you have chosen to believe otherwise, then you are an asshole.


Women have been sidelined or worse, harassed in the workplace long before Mira Sorvino agreed to tell her all to Ronan Farrow (Ronan, Mia Farrow’s son, who may or may not have been Woody Allen biological child — yes, Life is Ironic).

I was watching Ms. Sorvino’s performance in “Mighty Aphrodite” just now; and she is wonderful. She carried the movie, despite Woody Allen’s clueless-ness (Allen, by the way, was the one who inspired Rian Johnson to become a film-maker, after watching “Annie Hall”).

A very sad thing that Allen was able to thrive despite his crimes. But as Oprah said in the Golden Globes Awards this year … a new day has come girls!


Despite Oprah’s speech, I am still pessimistic. It will be an uphill climb for human beings with XX chromosomes to achieve the same respect as human beings with XY chromosomes.

And that is mainly because women will never (or rarely ever, at the very least) kill their sons.

If women are as cutthroat and efficient  (and I say “efficient” in a disparaging way) as men, then misogynists like James Damore will not live long enough to write his fucking memo.

Yes, James, you are a misogynist. And do not give me that “I make reasonable, evidence-based, rational arguments” crap. You do not.

As Cynthia Lee has pointed out — your memo is nonsense.

If you had the reason that god gave a petunia, the first thing you will do is to have a uterus transplant on yourself, carry a baby the full 9 months, breastfeed that baby, raise it up to be a decent human being — without killing yourself in the process.

Then you will have a right to write your memo. Because, James, darling, men like you is the reason why I do not want to become a mother.


On a positive note (yes there is one as I refuse to end my piece like Nietzsche), all this ranting has made me realize that I do not want to be a male, and thank God she made me a woman.

Who am I kidding? God definitely is not a woman. It would be a different world if god is a she. But then, if alternate universes are possible, maybe in one of those — God is a SHE.        Image from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3108477/If-God-woman-Church-feminists-say-God-wittiest-wisest-writers-imagine-world-higher-female-power-helm.html






Girl-Power (or How To Double-Team a Boy and Win)

Jonas was in Mindanao during the 2001 all-out-war against Muslims (who prefer to be called Moros in this part of their world) instigated by an actor who was playing the role of “president”.

It was not an experience that he would care to repeat.  He and his friends were stranded; and his mother was calling everyday, embarrassing him. At that time, cellphones were rare; and his mom would call collect on the landline. His friend, Arnie, would be merciless whenever handing Jonas the phone.

Jonas loves his mother (he doesn’t have a choice about it). But she drives him crazy!

Today, his mother is in cahoots with Alice. Their project is to persuade him to accept an NGO project that is based in Luzon.

The Magat River. Picture from http://www.snaboitiz.com

The Magat River. Picture from http://www.snaboitiz.com


Mrs. Endriga: For a change, right Alice? What is in Mindanao that cannot be found in Luzon?

Alice: Right Tita! I mean, they have mountains and so do we!

They talk to each other as if he is the Invisible Man.

Mrs. Endriga: We even have rivers!

Alice: True. In fact, the Magat River is the longest in the country and it’s in Nueva Vizcaya!

Mrs. Endriga: That is near your town, right iha?

Alice: An hour or two ride away.

Mrs. Endriga: There are so many beautiful places one can explore in Luzon …

Alice: Right! Like there’s Mount Banahaw …

Mrs. Endriga: And let’s not forget the Cordilleras …

The last time Alice checked, headhunters are already history in Sagada. Maybe. Picture from www.wayph.com

The last time Alice checked, headhunters are already history in Sagada. Maybe. Picture from http://www.wayph.com


Alice: Tita, they have headhunters there.

Mrs. Endriga: Is that so. Well, Sagada is civilized, I heard.

Alice: The Southern Tagalog region has Laguna lake, we don’t have to go very far …

Mrs. Endriga: But Laguna Lake is already polluted.

Alice: That is a challenge to any environmental geologist worth his salt.

The Laguna de Bay is the largest lake in Luzon. Too bad it's very polluted. Picture from deviantart.com

The Laguna de Bay is the largest lake in Luzon. Too bad it’s very polluted. Picture from deviantart.com


Mrs. Endriga: That’s true, that’s true … I must say that I have raised my children not to run from any challenge.

Alice: Well, your girls are wonderful mam. I love them!

Mrs. Endriga: I love them too, iha. Now the boy …

Alice: Is a dork … sorry I know he’s your son. But we have to be honest here.

Mrs. Endriga: Well, he’s not that bad. When he was one-year old he used to eat my lipstick.

Jonas has to draw the line when he heard the the word “lipstick.”

“Mother, you have to shut up. And you too Alice. I am going to take that job, if that will keep you two from yapping like harpies and driving me into a mental institution.”



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Mothers Know Best

My mother once told me:  don’t be a writer because writers starve.

Obviously, I was a good daughter.

If I’d get the chance to talk with my mother now, I’d tell her: but mommy, being what you wanted me to be was not a bowl of cherries either.

And then she’d tell me: but you’re not hungry right now, right?

And then I’d say: yes but a few months ago, I almost was.

She’d say: that’s because you don’t know how to drive a car and not because you are what I told you to be.

Of course I’d have the last word: mommy it’s your fault I can’t drive a car; you were so busy you couldn’t teach me.


In fairness to my mother, she is very much loved by her children and her husband. Unfortunately, she was a product of her times. And a product of her mother.

the last time i saw mother

Not exactly my favorite mother-daughter book. I feel it’s too “The Joy Luck Club”-wannabe. Nice cover art, though.

Random Poem (8 July 2013)


You who brought me out into this godforsaken world

You who calls yourself whatever it is you call yourself

You whom I look a lot alike

With your nose that turns and your mouth that squirm

And your valleys and mountains that weep

Know that I hate you

Know that I curse you

You with your megalomaniac desire to live on

Through the ages through me

Know that right now I am now killing you

With the same knife that pierces my heart.

I die with you.

How do I find my salvation when everyday I am dying and dying and dying and dying

and dying.

And you don’t know it.